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So you planned all week to shoot a regularly scheduled TSC Saturday match, cartridges prepared, time set aside, bore polished up to a mirror shine and all of a sudden you find the match cancelled at the last minute. Saturday comes along and the sun is shining bright, temperature perfect and you can't figure out why we would do that. This is not uncommon for all match clubs, and always a disappointment. Match cancellation decisions are not made without consideration and assessment of all the known information. In all cases, the cancellations are made after consultation with the Cedar Ridge management. Here are some of the reasons for the cancellation, why the decision was made, and how you find out about it.

Most matches are cancelled due to:

  • WEATHER (rain, cold temperatures…did I mention snow and ice…well, this is Texas and you never know); TSC matches are not held if the starting match time is colder than 40 degrees at the scheduled start time of the match.

  • RANGE CONDITIONS (muddy, or at the range owner’s direction); The range owner does not allow setting up targets if the bays are muddy.  This is because setup involves walking, driving, and resetting targets in the mud. When the mud dries, the bay is left with deep dried foot and tire ruts in the bay. Many times heavy rains occur over the range that do not include San Antonio Major or other regional locations. They can leave lakes on the bays that may leave muddy bays, or runoff areas. The range may still open, however, the only persons allowed on the bays are range personnel.

  • SAFETY CONDITIONS (actually, any or all of the above can be a safety concern…slipping, gun handling and preoccupation with the above conditions.

  • HOLIDAYS (range is closed). Actually, most holidays are known ahead of time and the match is never planned. For instance, the .22 Pistol match is never held in December due to the holiday season.

  • SETUP (unable to assemble a setup crew). TSC has very loyal supporters and this is a rare condition and is never based on the number of expected shooters. We have setup matches where the setup crew turn out to be the only shooters. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence.

CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES:  A match can be cancelled at any time for any reason stated above, or any reason determined by the Match Director, including other emergencies not mentioned above. All cancellations will be advertised by 7AM the day of the match (or earlier). The two methods of notification will be an immediate communication via the TXIPSC.NET email message board (If you are not a member, join for free at The other notification will be on the TSC website (if you are reading this, then you are likely already on the website) in the scroll across the top of the page.

We hope this clarifies any question you may have as to cancellations.  Feel free to contact us if you have other questions or comments.

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