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See  explanation at the bottom  if you have any questions about the results*

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*Special Match

*Scoring Errors: Scores are recorded by hand and then reentered into a spreadsheet for sorting and preparing for final formatting, entering into the website application and finally publishing to the club's website. To accomplish all the steps takes several man-hours by volunteers. Unfortunately an error is always possible. TSC matches are not for prizes or money. Therefore, if an error does make it to the website, it will not be corrected. We hope all shooters can live with this policy. We will apologize for the error if verified and Paul promises to give a kiss on the cheek in appreciation for your understanding.



(The fine print)

Changes may be made at anytime without notice. In the case of differences, additions or omissions, the Match Director shall have the final decision. Texas Steel Competition is not affiliated with any other club or organization.

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