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TSC Carbine Rules

  • All legal semi-auto rifles are now allowed at both .22LR matches, within the applicable rules and guidelines.

  • ALL Cold-Range and Match Rules in place for competitions will strictly apply.

  • Rifle match results will be posted separately within its own division.

To insure a smooth and successful match the following rules in Table (A) and (B) bellow will apply:


  • Rimfire Rifle: All legal semi-auto Rimfire rifles shooting .22 Long Rifle ammunition (25)round maximum in magazines. (No "bunny round" allowed unless stated in description).

  • No SBR (short barrel rifles) or AR Pistols allowed.


  • Optics Rifle with Optics/Electronic sights, compensators are allowed.

  • Iron Sights: Iron-sighted rifle without optics/electronic sights. Fiber-optic sight inserts are allowed.

TABLE (A) Rimfire


Handling/Transporting Requirements

Rifle is to be stored, unloaded in carts and chamber flags or a closed gun case. Chamber flags are not required for rifles stored in closed gun cases.

All COLD RANGE and SAFE TABLE rules for Rimfire Pistol Divisions will apply to Rimfire Rifle Division. The only time a rifle can be handled is at the Safe Table (no ammo at the safe table) or on the firing line under the direction of the RO or Match Director.

ARRIVE AT THE RANGE WITH FIREARM UNLOADED completely enclosed in a gun bag. Shooters with wagons (only) may store their carbine with a "flag" only in chamber. No wagons = no flags necessary. Wagons must accompany shooter to start box.



All LEGAL semi-auto pistol cartridge (.22LR)

Semi-Auto only


Bullet Caliber

.22 Long Rifle ONLY

Magnum loads are NOT allowed.


Magazine Requirement

Maximum ammunition loaded per magazine is 25. (no round in chamber "bunny round" unless otherwise noted in description.)

No Drum-style magazines allowed.


Stage Start / Finish Procedures Under Direction of RO or Match Director

Make Ready: Shooter will arrive at start box with chamber flag, or remove rifle from case, muzzle pointed in a safe direction down-range and make ready. Start Position - Low Ready: Low ready is defined as both hands on the rifle pointed at 45 degree downward and butt stock seated on shoulder.

If finished, remove magazine, show clear, bolt down, trigger pulled toward berm insert chamber flag or place rifle in gun case.

Low ready position is pointing the rifle muzzle at aiming flag. Safety may be off, finger outside of the trigger guard.

Following  COF: Range will be declared safe by RO or Match Director ONLY after chamber flag has been inserted or rifle has been re-cased safely in gun case.



(The fine print)

Changes may be made at anytime without notice. In the case of differences, additions or omissions, the Match Director shall have the final decision. Texas Steel Competition is not affiliated with any other club or organization.

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